Litigation Funding

Court proceedings are expensive and many people who may have good claims simply do not have the resources to fund them.

This is especially so in commercial matters where the complexity and expense involved in conducting proceedings will deter many lawyers from taking on a  matter on a contingent or other basis.

There are litigation funders in the market in Australia who will consider funding the costs of litigation.

They usually do so for, amongst other things, a share of the proceeds of a successful judgment.

Some of these funders even fund claims in jurisdictions other than Australia.

The criteria of these funders to undertake the funding of a matter usually includes a requirement that a claim be in excess of $1,000,000.00, but some funders may consider lesser amounts in particular circumstances.

Applications for funding usually require an early detailed presentation of an applicant’s case including submissions, and sometimes discussions, on the law applicable to the facts of the case.

If you have a claim that may benefit from the funding of proceedings we can assist with applications for funding, notwithstanding  whether or not we are finally retained in pursuing the claim.