Urgent Court Matters

Urgent Court Matters can be many and varied and can include matters in numerous different jurisdictions.

Notices Requiring Urgent Court Applications

Urgent Court Matters can include matters where notices have been issued and a short period of time is open for a party to institute proceedings.  Some instances of this are when:

  • A company is served with a Creditor’s Statutory Demand
  • An individual is served with a Bankruptcy Notice
  • A caveator is served with a Lapsing Notice

The time for a party to react to these notices is measured in days.

Court Applications Seeking Urgent Orders

Often parties commence court proceedings and seek urgent orders for restraining or freezing orders (see separate tab of Commercial Litigation).

With these applications:

  • They are usually served with little notice
  • They require the served party to appear
  • If they are to be challenged, they usually require a lot of work to be done in a short period of time
  • Any failure to appear usually results in orders being made against a party in a party’s absence

Other Urgent Court Matters

There are other Urgent Court Matters that we can assist with and examples include:

  • Bail Applications
  • Claims for Possession of property

Urgent Court Matters require urgent attention and devotion by lawyers.  We have the resources and dedication to assist.