Taxation Appeals & Reviews

Income tax is due and payable to the Commissioner when assessed.

Notice of assessment is conclusive evidence of the due making of the assessment and also that the amount and (except in review or appeal proceedings) that all particulars of the assessment are correct.

Assessments and actions undertaken by the Australian Taxation Office can have devastating effect on a taxpayer such as:

  • Affecting the cashflow – business or living
  • Leading to a default in finance arrangements
  • Prejudicing any criminal proceedings being pursued against the taxpayer
  • Leading to a sale of assets for undervalue
  • Leading to a change of status (bankruptcy or liquidation); and
  • Possibly even leading to a loss of standing for review or appeal

Reviews and Appeals of assessments are available and the options that are available depend on the circumstances of each case.

Some of these can be open even after proceedings have been commenced against the taxpayer.

Time limits are important and can be crucial and these avenues should be explored early.

We can assist with these matters.