Strata Titles Disputes

There are many differing disputes that can arise in Strata Title schemes.

Parties can be involved in disputes that include:

  • The Owners Corporation and a third party (such as a contractor)
  • The Owners Corporation and the Strata Manager
  • A Lot Owner and the Owners Corporation
  • A member of the Executive Committee and the Executive Committee
  • A Lot Owner and the Executive Committee

Some issues that may arise in disputes include:

  • A Lot Owner wishing to have a right established (such as the use of part of the common property for a specific purpose)
  • Allegations that the common property is not being repaired or maintained as required
  • Allegations that the Executive Committee is not acting in accordance with its duties and/or making decisions outside of its powers
  • A third party doing poor work for an Owners Corporation
  • A Lot Owner being pursued for outstanding levies

We can assist Lot Owners, Owners Corporations, Strata Managers and members of Executive Committees with these matters.