Defending Prosecutions Against Doctors

Prosecutions against doctors and other medical practitioners generally involve:

At a NSW level – assessments by the Medical Council of NSW and the Health Care Complaints Commission (following complaints and investigations) that allege that conduct or issues:

  • Cause significant concern for public safety; or
  • Provide grounds for disciplinary action against a practitioner.

At a Federal level – matters referred to the Professional Standards Review that allege inappropriate claims having been made by a practitioner against

  • The Medicare Benefits Scheme
  • The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

We are available to assist in these matters and particularly with:

  • The initial complaint and investigation processes
  • Any required examination of premises or records
  • Any forced examination of a practitioner
  • Any urgent application by the Medical Council of NSW to suspend or restrict a practitioner’s right to practice
  • Matters Professional Standards Committees
  • Medical Tribunal matters
  • Professional Standards Review matters
  • Appeals from decisions of those bodies