Debt Collecting

Most businesses have encountered a customer who has not paid an account when due.

Frequently outstanding accounts can be brought up to date by a properly drafted letter from a solicitor.

On other occasions, a default judgment can be obtained against an outstanding debtor in a practical and costs effective manner.

At other times, proceedings are required to be instituted and taken to a final hearing before a judgement can be obtained.

In these processes it is wise that a thorough consideration of the court process is taken before embarking on fresh steps as:

  • Notices can be issued that provide additional protection for claims in regard to the costs of any required legal proceedings
  • For varied reasons, at times,  pursuit through a court action may not be a commercially viable option and sometimes if a step is taken, it may not be easily remedied
  • Enforcement options available must also be considered as just because a judgment is obtained against a party it does not necessarily mean that the  outstanding debt will be then paid.  Sometimes enforcement action is required to obtain payment and on occasions that process can be expensive and/or fruitless.

We can assist if you have any outstanding debtors that you wish to pursue.