Defending Complaints Against Doctors

Doctors and other medical practitioners are aware of the relevant bodies that have been put in place to regulate, govern and investigate their conduct and practices.

For the most part health practitioners are not required to deal with the investigation and prosecution of complaints.  However instances may arise where complaints are made to bodies such as:

  • The Heath Care Complaints Commission
  • The Medical Council of New South Wales
  • The Department of Human Services (Medicare)
  • Professional Services Review

These bodies have wide powers and the results of any adverse finding or prosecution of a health practitioner can be devastating.

It is prudent to take care at the initial stages of any complaint or investigation and careful consideration to matters, including legal considerations, should be undertaken before responses or positions are communicated to those bodies.

Prudent steps implemented prior to dealing with any complaint or investigation can alleviate risks of a practitioner:

  • Not having the matter dispensed with at an early stage;  or
  • Prejudicing his or her position at any subsequent prosecution

These complaints have to be dealt with quickly and properly and we have the relevant knowledge and experience to assist practitioners with these matters.