Building & Construction


Whether you are a developer, builder, sub-contractor, consultant or a property owner – written contracts are essential when any building or construction work of any substance is undertaken on any property.

To undertake work without proper documentation exposes parties to a wide variety of risks such as

  •  Non-payment for work or material
  •  Paying for work that is incomplete or defective

These issues can result in parties having no or limited avenues for recovery or they could result in expensive and possibly unnecessary litigation.

Often developers, builders, sub-contractors, consultants or property owners commence work:

  • With no documentation
  • Sign a document prepared by another party without understanding the effects of the provisions of that document
  • Sign a document prepared by another party without having amendments made to that document required to protect their interest.

There is legislation in New South Wales that offers some protection to particular parties provided that you follow specific requirements.

We can assist in drafting and finalising written contracts as well as providing advice on practices to be employed that ensure compliance with legislative requirements to obtain that protection.

Court Matters

Unfortunately, on many occasions disputes about building matters proceed to litigation before a tribunal or a court.

We can assist parties in that litigation and have appeared in:

  • Adjudications
  • The CTTT
  • Local Courts, the District Court of New South Wales,  and
  • The Supreme Court of New South Wales

in relation to building and construction matters.

We have also established relationships with appropriate experts in building and construction matters and can assist in the engagement of appropriate expert witnesses to be engaged as required.