Criminal Law

We can assist with all types of criminal matters in all jurisdictions including quasi criminal matters.

Examples of criminal matters include:

  • Drink driving matters
  • Domestic violence matters
  • Assaults
  • Serious driving offences
  • Driving in a manner dangerous
  • Computer related crime
  • Thefts
  • Burglaries
  • Robberies
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Drug offences
  • Firearm or dangerous weapon offences
  • Coronial Inquests
  • Commissions of Inquiry
  • Murder or manslaughter

It is important that you receive proper advice early when facing a criminal charge or for any quasi criminal matter as imposed time limits can be critical.

Action taken, without proper consideration of the legal issues, can have serious adverse consequences.

We can assist clients with matters that include:

Pleas of Guilty

  • There are rules and precedents that assist a court in determining sentences that are appropriate in different circumstances.
  • A properly prepared plea of guilty can make the difference between:
    • Not having a conviction recorded as opposed to having a conviction recorded
    • Receiving community service or a bond as opposed to a full time custodial sentence
  • On many occasions many matters must be considered for presentation to a court (that may not ordinarily be apparent to an accused person) to achieve a preferable result.
  • Sometimes, successful negotiations can be achieved with prosecuting authorities that can assist in achieving a more desired result.

Pleas of Not Guilty

  • Often people charged with criminal offences have a good case for disputing the charges and they often succeed in having charges dismissed
  • Sometimes technical issues that may not be apparent to an accused person could lead to a dismissal of charges
  • Costs can also be ordered in a person’s favour in exceptional circumstances
  • Proper consideration of defences and the case relied upon by the prosecuting authority should be reviewed at the earliest opportunity so that proper preparation of an accused’s case can be undertaken

Bail Applications

  • Often accused people have their bail refused at first instance, have conditions imposed that they cannot meet or remain in custody awaiting final determination of charges
  • Proper preparation of bail applications, appeals or reviews of bail determinations can sometimes change that result

Appeals and Reviews

  • There are avenues of review and appeal from determinations of criminal matters and they frequently succeed
  • Those avenues do have time restrictions and prompt assistance should be sought to consider the prospects of those applications to preserve any avenues of appeal or review
  • Options can include inquiries into conviction and sentence by the Supreme Court of NSW

Commissions of Inquiry

  • Care must be taken if people are required to attend a Commission of Inquiry
  • These commissions can have very serious consequences including prosecutions for criminal offences as a result of the inquiry and prosecutions for offences relating to your conduct at an inquiry

 Apprehended Violence Orders

  • While not strictly criminal, they can and often do involve criminal aspects
  • All too frequently allegations of breaches involve a refusal of bail and an accused person being in custody for up to 1-2 days before having the opportunity of applying to a court for bail
  • These are serious matters and appropriate action should be immediately undertaken if any application is received