Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation matters can range from simple debt collecting proceedings to very complex matters.  Often these matters involve urgent orders being sought from the courts.

Examples of some of the more urgent orders that can be sought from court in addition to claims for money are:

  • Restraining orders (Injunctions)
  • Freezing orders (Mareva orders) that can also involve other orders such as orders:
    • Requiring disclosure of assets
    • Requiring delivery of assets to others
    • Restraining departure from the jurisdiction
    • Requiring payment of moneys into court or other accounts
    • Appointing a receiver
    • Relating to assets in other jurisdictions
    • Against third parties
    • Transferring a business
    • Search orders (Anton Pillar orders)

Commercial Litigation often requires the examination and  comprehension of many documents requiring both a devotion in terms of time and relevant expertise.  We have the experience, resources and dedication to deal with these matters.